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Multi-purpose spray coating


Solvent free, 100% solids, safe, environmentally friendly and odor free.

Rapid cure, can be sprayed forming on any bent, slope and vertical surfaces, no sagging.

Dense coating, seamless, with good flexibility.

High adhesive strength, fast bonding well on steel, concrete, wood, glass fibers and other substrates.

Excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance

High dielectric strength

Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance to acids, alkali, salts etc.

Excellent waterproof performance

Good shock absorbing performance

Excellent resistance to temperature variation

Fast cure, application site back to service quickly

Excellent durability to reduce the maintenance cost of lifelong

Extend the service life of sprayed structure

Application scope

Electric power, High voltage cable joint accessories, construction, chemical/automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, marine, ship-building, film props and other fields need for high mechanical properties, anticorrosion and waterproof protection.

Technical Data

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