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Multi-purpose spray coating


Solvent free, 100% solids, safe, environmentally friendly and odor free.

Rapid cure, can be sprayed forming on any bent, slope and vertical surfaces, no sagging.

Dense coating, seamless, with good flexibility.

High adhesive strength, fast bonding well on steel, concrete, wood, glass fibers and other substrates.

Excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance

High dielectric strength

Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance to acids, alkali, salts etc.

Excellent waterproof performance

Good shock absorbing performance

Excellent resistance to temperature variation

Fast cure, application site back to service quickly

Excellent durability to reduce the maintenance cost of lifelong

Extend the service life of sprayed structure

Application scope

Electric power, High voltage cable joint accessories, construction, chemical/automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, marine, ship-building, film props and other fields need for high mechanical properties, anticorrosion and waterproof protection.

Technical Data

2020-08-21 16;54;19_.png
Abstract Structure

Waterproof Coating

  • Durable & Seamless

  • Non-Slip

  • Wet Surface Application

  • Odorless (Eco-friendly)

  • UV Resistance

  • Fast Curing(drying time)

  • Breathable -Not trap moisture

  • Easy Maintenance

No thinning or reduction is necessary. Just mix well before using it.
The surface to be coated must be cleaned by sweep, vacuum, scrub, or pressure wash.
HANA Coating is suitable for application using airless spray, squeegee or roller/brush.
HANA Coating should be kept and used at the temperature over 10°C (50°F), it will not cure below 10°C (50°F).
The shelf life is 12 months in unopened containers when stored between 10°C and 38°C (50°F and 100°F).

Best Floor & Waterproof Solution for Car wash / Flat rooftop / Balcony

  1. Easy & fast renovation from the damaged epoxy/urethane flooring.

  2. Non-Slip feature provides a safe working environment.

  3. Saving construction time --> Minimize business loss.

  4. Chemical resistance against the car wash detergent or cleanser. 

  5. High abrasion/wearing resistance against the tire traffic.

Car wash waterproof & floor by HANA Coating

car wash  before.jpg
car wash  after.jpg

Car wash waterproof & floor renovation by HANA Coating


Building balcony waterproof & floor renovation by HANA Coating

building balcony.jpg

Car park(Parking lot) floor repairing by HANA Coating

car park before.jpg
car park after.jpg

Flat rooftop waterproof & floor renovation  by HANA Coating

rooftop before.jpg
rooftop after.jpg

Indoor floor renovation by HANA Coating


HANA Coating :  Acrylic water-based waterproof coating

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