Glass Fiber Mat

Glass-fiber Mat for Roof Waterproofing

Raw material for the building waterproofing.

  • All of the product is based on ECR glass.

  • SBS/APP Bitumen Waterproof Membranes

  • Accessories for the Roof Waterproof coating

  • Asphalt shingles

Advantage of HANA's Glass Fiber Mat on Asphalt Shingles

  • Including a more long filament structure gives better mechanical properties.

  • Less consumption of the asphalt compound gives the price competitiveness of the asphalt shingle.

Technical Data

What is ECR glass ?

E-glass vs. ECR-glass

  • E-glass is a means of "Electronic" glass. It has been developed for good water-resistance, insulation,
    and high mechanical strength. Most of the competitive manufacturers are using this E-glass.

  • To make easy E-glass production, manufacturers add 'B2O3' and 'Fluorine' in the glass batch during the process,

  • Particles of volatile B2O3 & fluorine get released into the atmosphere and this may cause serious human health issues.

Advantage of ECR-glass

  1. ECR glass is as same as E-glass but not including 'B2O3' and 'Fluorine'. Friendly to the environment.

  2. ECR glass has better mechanical strength than E-glass by 25 %. (Tensile Strength: 2,700 MPa [ASTM D2343] )

  3. The chemical resistance (including acid/alkali-resistance and sea-water resistance) is better than E-glass.

  4. Higher temperature resistance. The softening point of ECR glass is 40-500 C degrees higher than E-glass.